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Come by with Ray Ban Sunglasses

Originally crafted in 1936, pilot sunglasses were specifically designed for pilots to safeguard their eyes while flying. Ray-Ban, the company who initially made the glasses, made the glasses for the military and their pilots, but then released the pilot design glasses to the public the following year.

The Design

The aviator design sunglasses were designed in such a fashion that they shielded the entire range of the eye, and not simply from light glare. The lens was made large enough to cover the whole range of the eye, to obstruct light and wind from causing damages to the eye. The lens itself looks flat, but in reality is slightly convex in order to help refract light. Commonly reflective, the color of lens is very dark, generally eco-friendly in nature, and only enables concerning 20% of the incoming light to pass through the glass. This means that just about 20% of the natural light bordering the eye is allowed to reach the retina, lowering glare and eye damages.

Ban Sunglasses


Even though the sunglasses have been around given that the mid-30s, they did not become truly stylish for an additional three decades. Pop symbols such as the Beatles were seen showing off these stylish tones in the 60s, but by now, aviator sunglasses had currently made in impact on society. General Douglas MacArthur notoriously sported his Ray-Bans during The Second World War when he arrived at the coastline in the Philippines. The Americans just were not the only ones sporting these tones during World War II either. The French military was released the exact same sunglasses, and their appeal proliferated within the French army rankings.

Many police officers were seen using cheap raybans, as held true in the late 70s and very early 80s, when shows showed police officers in Ray-Bans. In the motion pictures, celebrities started showing off Ray-Bans as a presentation of the supreme coolness. Tom Cruise almost solitarily brought the design back to the forefront of style in the flick, Leading Gun. Sylvester Stallone added to the trend in numerous of his films. Fashion onward individuals mimicked their favorite TV and motion picture celebrities and hurried to acquire their own set of aviator sunglasses.

During the late 80s and right into the 90s, the style saw a decline in popularity, however with the show Jackass, Johnny Knoxville, along with other hip new musicians, began showing off these tones, Ray-Ban once again ended up being the symbol of the hip and fashionable. Ray-Ban pilot sunglasses and various other Ray-Ban designs are readily available at your neighborhood eyeglass retailer. Be hip with a set of pilots, and safeguard your eyes from sunlight damages also.

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