Essential information on getting rid of a stuffy nose

The most common way people understand how to take care of a stuffy nose is using antihistamine. But if you are worried about the side effects, there are some alternative influenza remedies that can be used to fix a stuffy nose among the most uncomfortable but powerful methods are irrigating your nostrils with a salt solution. This method is done by mixing one tablespoon of salt in an 8 oz. Glass of warm water then use a dropper to place a few drops of solution in your nose. Inhale the water deeper in your nostrils and repeat the procedure many times. Finally, you need to blow your nose vigorously to eliminate the remaining water.

ways to get rid of a stuffy nose

The salt in the solution helps dry up the excess mucus, so there would not be anything left which would interfere with your nostrils. You may repeat this procedure every four to six hour but do not overdo it. Stuffy nose can be reduced with a warm liquid like by inhaling heated vapor or compress your head and brow with a towel that is been dampened with warm water. Find ways to get rid of a stuffy nose problem by taking in more fluids. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of fluid per day when you are sick because the liquid will make it much easier to remove mucus. Warm drinks will be better. A cup of hot tea with honey, as an instance, may offer some benefits. Tea makes you stay hydrated, honey relieves your throat, and the steam from hot tea helps open your sinuses.

Spicy foods cause a runny nose since they contain the compound capsaicin, which causes inflammation of the nerves and increases mucus production in the lining of the nose. For those people who suffer from a cold and stuffy nose, eating hot foods will alleviate their symptoms. The spice in hot dishes not only supplies your body with a few essential nutrients, but the warmth from the spices will function as a natural decongestant which will help relieve stuffy nose without any side effects in any way.

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