Samsung galaxy s9 – Comparison of screen quality and design

We recently took a take a look at the Samsung galaxy s9, the most recent Smartphone created by the business and compared it with their best-selling galaxy s9. As many would have predicted the s9 came out on top in many departments. This may not come as a wonderful surprise since the phone is 1 year younger than its stable mate and so features technology that was not available at the time of release of the s9. This time we thought we would see how the model compares with another sibling model, the far more recent galaxy notice. We have a look to see how display design and technology compare on both of these devices. The key feature with the Samsung galaxy notice is the huge screen it boasts and it is pleasing to see that Samsung have equipped this screen with some rather impressive specification. At 5.3 inches it is the greatest Smartphone screen currently available.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date

In reality the display is so large that lots of individuals refer to this version as being a hybrid between a cell phone and a tablet. Concerning quality the display can display an extremely impressive resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The Samsung galaxy s9 employs a slightly smaller 4.8 inch display but this screen provides a very similar resolution to the galaxy notice of 1280 x 720. This means that the pixel density on this new version is slightly higher at 306ppi. If we ignore the statistics and really have a look at how both displays perform there is very little to choose between the two. Color reproduction is superb and both devices deliver deep dark tones thanks to their use of super amole screen technologies.

The main body of this model is assembled from a black plastic that despite feeling slightly cheap will help the model to weigh an impressive 178 grammas. The rear panel of the phone comes with a textured finish which not only helps it to pick up fewer fingerprints compared to a smooth panel but also makes it feel very comfortable in the palm of the hand. Samsung have adopted a far more curved design on the s9 and we believe that it does not grab the eye as much as other galaxy handsets they have produced. This does not indicate that the model is unattractive since it is not, the curves really look quite nice but it does look very much like numerous other handsets which were produced over the previous year. One facet of this new model that is extremely nice is that the blue color of this new device which makes a change from the black finish that lots of manufacturers have a tendency to favor. Both these phones are also offered in a white edition. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date is pleasing on the eye but it fails to grab your attention in exactly the exact same manner as the futuristic galaxy notice does.

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